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20 February 2007 @ 02:10 pm
I haven't gotten pictures of everyone yet. I tend towards the black pant suit, because I like it, but I did manage to get a few different ones this year.

My main, Eillesa, as the secret Shattrath City Elder. (I got all her stuff last year, I don't think I've picked up any of the few elders I left last time yet, I still need to go sneak into some instances I couldn't get into last year.)

My rogue engineer, Lassarine, playing in Moonglade.

My poor neglected little gnome mage, Crilli, looking as sinister as one can look when one has cotton candy hair.

I love how the Draenei look in the pant suit. Shows off their hooves.

And with some patience and fingers hovering over the print screen button, I was able to take a picture of Artima in front of the auction house with it looking all deserted.

Anielia is a pretty pretty princess on her pony.

Acanthopis had to go with the blue suit, so she would match Leonard. Her ravager (who I still need to come up with a name for) has far more brilliant plumage than she does, but she loves him anyway.

I love how shocked the tauren guard looked when I set off this firework.

And I haven't gotten Ampharite her lunar festival clothing yet. So I give you dancing with my friend in front of the inn. I was so very tempted to start spouting the lyrics to Sex Dwarf.

I have far too many alts. They don't all have their clothes yet, but I'm working on it for most of them- a few I'm not going to bother with
11 February 2007 @ 03:32 pm
So, of course, with BC, it's been all about the alt rolling.

Amphirite, my baby draenei shaman (yay metal hair!):

Artima, my baby draenei warrior:

Atropa, my little blood elf warlock:

And that new quest that sends you to see the Queen of the Dead:

Of course, not pictured are the various and sundry others I haven't gotten decent screens of yet. Once I get her better pants, I need to get a picture of my blood elf hunter with her new lovely spider.
29 January 2007 @ 06:23 pm
The blood elf areas are a change from the established- more spread out, and instead of the one hub secondary starter town (Goldshire/Brill/Kharanos/Azure Watch/et c.) they sort of have many. Falconwing Square is for a couple of quests and then moving on, and then there's Fairbreeze and all the other places you get sent. They also give bad directions...a lot. For instance, red and blue are different colours, oh Mr. Wrote-the-quest-text-for-the-voidwalker, and directions are often hazy at best. It's a lot less concentrated for easy and fast questing than the Draenei zone, but there are an amazing number of quests. I didn't even do all of them (couldn't find Farstrider Retreat) until I went to Ghostlands and did a few Tranquillen quests- then I returned and finished up some green quests before I went back for Tranquillen rep. The rep thing there is really neat- finally a quick, easy, and not horribly obnoixious rep gaining exercise. I had my boots quite quickly, and the belt wasn't long after.

Silvermoon City is quite something. They've got a wonderfuly creepy police state vibe going with the huge jackbooted thugs telling you happiness is mandatory, and the guards who are all completely and totally identical, and who stand at attention in a manner that players simply cannot- reflected in their portrait icons even. And of course when you enter the city for the first tim you get to see a scene with a citizen who hasn't been obeying some of the rules and been caught at it (or, perhaps, hasn't done anything wrong at all but has been wrongly accused, who knows?). There is the mind control to seditious elements as well, although that scene doesn't appear to play often. The two auction houses, banks, and inns are rather a nice touch to reduce player clustering. Of course, it won't become the new Org simply due to the fact it isn't in a convenient location for anything- transport to UC, and then a zepplin to the other contient. I do hate the way the Horde cities are set up (I detest the Exodar, and as soon as I'm done with the low levels I'm back to hearthing in IF), and while this one is more convenient for some things (a place to smelt pretty close to either AH, mailboxes everywhere), it's still pretty spread out and confusing and not enough shortcuts to the other side. The transporter is also a pain to get to, if you are using it as a hearth spot. I am finally getting the hang of where things are, although it took forever the first time to simply find the exit out of the city again. It appears more confusing than it is, and of the Horde cities it is probably still the one that involves the least spending-half-an-hour-just-to-get-from-the-entrance-to-anywhere cities (Org is just ridiculous. I've never spent enough time in TB to not be taking the wrong bridge all the time. UC is not too bad, but most of the easy potential routes are blocked by walls, so it takes far longer than it should to get to places- and everyone hates it, so even though I do have my hearths set there with the linked AHs, it's always fairly deserted. Which is good and bad- no one offering things in Trade is ever where I am, but hey, less lag!).

As for warlocks- this is my first one, and so far, I'm loving it. Pet classes are really pretty fun, and boast some very nice survivability. I get a free party member all the time to help me out and who I can set on things and abandon when we're in a place we're in trouble, so I can flee (and feel less guilty than when I'm a hunter, since I don't have to keep my demons happy, and in fact, they enjoy the torture). Before I even got a wand my voidwalker and I took out an 11 elite, when we were both 11 as well, which was pretty nice really. I've taken up jewelcrafting, but haven't gotten very far in it yet- the little stone healing guys have been nice, although mostly unecessary. And early jewelry are quite the change, I've been keeping our characters in low rings (between those and the enchants and wand from my undead, his new priest has been having a far easier time of the early levels than mine ever have!).
23 January 2007 @ 03:29 pm
So, a) I caved and bought Burning Crusade the day after it came out, and b) I switched servers. I will miss 'Rogg, but I will not miss the overcrowding and queues and generally buggy server (but it is ancient, so I guess they are all to be expected). And we were really perfect for a transfer- very few roots with other people, notwithstanding the few people I was starting to group with somewhat consistently. Azuremyst is the new home, and so far it has been deliciously uncrowded. That will change, of course. And the economy is not as dreadful as a new new server- we raised a heard of goats on Shandris, and were broke all the time because the auction house just wasn't worth anything, as well as not having higher ups to lend ourselves money. I still haven't set foot in Outland, or been back to the gate even since the pre BC event to get my fancypants Argent Dawn tabard.

At the Dark PortalCollapse )

Mostly, I've been raising goats. And with the transfer stuff, haven't even been raising them on my regular server! Although I transferred a couple of new ones to start tonight. I will miss my hunter on Shandris (she's not being deleted, of course, but I doubt I shall be playing her), and am contemplating remaking her on Azuremyst- but 2 hunters? I'm not sure there's really any reason for that (two blue haired hunters even, as it turns out). And the new pets just make life more difficult- I had finally decided on two, Leonard (the crab) is staying with me because he is a good and wonderful little crab, and goes with my hair. And a crystal spider, also hair matching. I went all the way north to get Ressan the Needler, and he's sitting in my stable, because he just can't hold aggro for me, so I'm going to have to let poor Brackel go. Very sad. But now...I want a Ravager. They make absolutely divine pets, Demetria got one as her first, and Irving is absolutely fantastic. Kills doublequick, holds aggro fabulously, and even can take groups, though you'd think his lack of armour and hitpoints would be killer (he's also a lovely colour- he's a nasty evil bastard, but he's my nasty evil bastard, like a boyfriend you just know is bad for you, but can't help falling into bed with).

I haven't even started on a Blood Elf, and I'll probably at least start raising one of those (on another switched server, now moved to Blade's Edge) before I go to Outland, and I want to finish grinding out the low level quests for my discount and potential elephant (although I dislike where they have you riding the model, very nice of Kessel Run to show you, so I'll probably continue to try to raise my IF rep for a ram, and those new talbuks are also rather pretty).
23 January 2007 @ 12:47 am
I'm new to tanking. Levelling, it just wasn't something I did much- groups always needed healers, not tanks, and I would solo bear a little, but it wasn't aggro generation, it was for longevity (add in nature's swiftness for an extra life, with planning I could take some things that generally wouldn't have been possible). But I've been learning to tank recently.

I never knew tanking was this fun! Or so difficult. It is neat to be able to watch the action more instead of health bars, but it's very chaotic running after everything if someone slips by! My only other potentially tanking character is a paladin, and she tanks totally differently, and is generally really bad at holding aggro, and again, healing means she doesn't have to (however I can tank and heal at the same time with her, which is actually pretty awesome). I've also learned enormous amounts from playing a new hunter, about aggro management, and not taking aggro off your tank. It wasn't really something I had to worry about before much- I didn't really have a whole lot of choice about what I was doing healing. I needed to keep the tank, and the other party members, standing. I don't have fade (although I've been theorizing using cower as an alternative, if I have the time, but haven't had the right opportunity come up to test it), so I can't lower threat easily. I create healer aggro, and I can't heal you if you let me be beaten on- but there isn't much I can do about it.
22 January 2007 @ 06:35 pm
I'm a severe altoholic, and only have one 60. While on one of my not-60s, I was in Booty Bay when Kruul showed up. He was killing Bloodsails on the shore by looking in their general direction. From farther away than he is tall. At 41, I wasn't even a match for his doggies (who didn't even stop spawning after he was dead- eventually they did, but he'd been dead for a bit first), so I stripped off my armour and just decided to gawk. The Booty Bay Bruisers were kicking some ass on those dogs though, and a couple of people lured his Hands into the Bay so they could have a little extra help in taking them out.

Herein lie pictures. Dialup users beware.Collapse )
22 January 2007 @ 06:34 pm
While this is old hat to most of you, it's new stuff for me! I've only been 60 for about 2 months of actual subscribed time, and I have a tendency to wander off to an alt a lot. I've been making myself clean out my quest log (and overflowing bank) and go into dungeons recently though, to try to do more of the group side of WoW (generally I solo or work with a partner). There's still a *lot* of content I haven't seen at all, pre expansion, so I'm not running out to buy it right away (and money for questing at 60 is pure awesomeness).

Talk about the raid and stuff. I need to gush! Also, a few pictures.Collapse )